Institute of Management in Latin America
University of St Gallen

The Institute of Management in Latin America is an off-campus office of the University of St Gallen founded in 2018 after a long tradition of successful exchanges with this region.

With an office in São Paulo, Brazil, and partnerships throughout the continent, the Institute is mandated to promote academic diplomacy. That includes enhancing excellence in teaching, fostering research collaborations, and providing executive education.

The Institute manifests a vibrant extension of the University of St Gallen (HSG) beyond its traditional borders. This off-campus entity exemplifies HSG's rich heritage of fostering meaningful international exchanges and academic diplomacy.

The Institute is strategical to bridge HSG with the pulsating heart of Latin America's economic and cultural diversity. São Paulo serves not just as a location but as a dynamic platform, offering unmatched opportunities for HSG to connect with crucial global markets and immerse in a rich mosaic of cultural practices.

This presence strengthens HSG's ability to forge lasting partnerships with leading local and international corporations. It enhances the educational journey of our students and researchers, providing them with unparalleled real-world experiences and diverse perspectives that are critical in today's globalized economy.

Latin America's vibrant academic landscape, dotted with prestigious universities, research centres, and think tanks, is fertile ground for the Institute. These partnerships are crucial, propelling our shared research goals and contributing significantly to areas of mutual interest and global significance.

Through the Institute, HSG positions itself at the vanguard of producing meaningful, world-class knowledge that crosses geographical boundaries while breaking new ground in management education and research. It underscores our leadership in fostering innovative thinking and academic excellence globally.

Beyond serving as an academic hub, our Institute is a beacon of innovation, drawing students, scholars, and professionals from around the continent. They want the unique opportunity to explore the synergy between Swiss precision and Latin American vibrancy, enhancing their understanding and skills in an environment that celebrates diversity and excellence.

In essence, the Institute of Management in Latin America is a cornerstone of HSG's strategy to amplify its influence on the world stage. 

Our Team

Administrative Structure

The strategic direction of GIMLA is determined by our board of directors, with support from an advisory board. This structure ensures the alignment of our activities with the institute's mission and the broader goals of the University of St.Gallen.