Latam Compact



Embarking on your academic journey at HSG offers more than just traditional classroom learning; it opens the door to an extraordinary opportunity that transcends borders and traditional education. We proudly present the Latam Compact, a specially curated series of block courses that cater to the intellectually curious and ambitious minds of both Bachelor and Master students. This educational adventure is your gateway to exploring the Latin American rich cultural, economic, and social landscapes in unparalleled depth.




Latam Compact enriches your academic and personal growth by providing a unique multidisciplinary platform that encourages the exchange of diverse viewpoints and expertise. Open to students from all HSG faculties, these courses are strategically scheduled during semester breaks—specifically calendar weeks 14/15 in the Spring term and 44/45 in the Autumn term—to maximise your learning without disrupting your regular academic schedule.




Picture yourself wandering through the vibrant streets of Latin American cities, engaging in enlightening conversations with local business leaders, and absorbing the cultural richness through various immersive activities. That isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about living it. Through Latam Compact, you will experience firsthand the complexities and opportunities that define Latin America today.




Additionally, some courses take place in the breathtaking backdrop of the Amazon Forest. This aspect of the program showcases the natural beauty of the Amazon but also provides deep insights into its role in the global ecosystem and economy. You are going to explore, through this lens, how Amazon influences industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and fashion. We designed this immersive experience to expand your academic horizons, fostering critical thinking about sustainability, innovation, and ethical business practices in ecologically sensitive areas.




Our special agreements and partnerships in Latin America further enrich this offering. Our exchange students participating in the Latam Term can seamlessly integrate the Compact into their academic itinerary, turning this experience into a bridge for building professional networks, diving into cultural immersion, and fostering personal growth on an international landscape.




The application process for Latam Compact ensures that motivated and passionate students can join this adventure. Our selection precedes the first bidding round for the respective term. It involves a thorough evaluation of your CV and a motivation note. We communicate results, at the latest, during the first bidding window, providing clarity as you plan your course selections. Handled individually by each course's instructor, this process allows us to understand your ambitions and how the program aligns with your academic and professional goals. Students are encouraged to refer to specific course fact sheets for detailed information.




However, the essence of Latam Compact transcends its geographical location. It's about creating a vibrant community of diverse students connected through group projects, social events, and interactive discussions. These experiences forge strong bonds among participants, creating a dynamic cohort that thrives on mutual support and shared experiences. These connections enrich your educational journey and become invaluable assets for your future.




Seize this unique chance to complement your academic endeavours with real-world experiences. Join us on this transformative educational journey and become part of a community that values diversity, intellectual growth, and the spirit of adventure. Let Latam Compact be your launchpad to future success.

Embrace this chance to make your academic journey at HSG a truly unforgettable adventure.

Latam Compact Negotiating the Amazon

The next Latam Compact is going to take place in November 2023 and is open to master's students of the University of St.Gallen
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Latam Compact 3x to Colombia

In April 2024, the 3xC Coca, Cacao, and Coffee in Colombia offers the opportunity to visit Medellin and its surrounding coffee areas.
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Ehemalige Compact Courses

- LC 13: 3xC Koka, Kakao und Kaffee in Kolumbien, SS 2024

- LC 10: 3xC Koka, Kakao und Kaffee in Kolumbien, SS 2023

- LC 7: 3xC Koka, Kakao und Kaffee in Kolumbien, SS 2022

- LC 3: Fußball - Kultur, Politik und Geschäft eines Clubs in Medellín, FS 2019


- LC 11: Smart Cities und urbane Innovation in Buenos Aires, SS 2023

- LC 9: Verhandlungen über den Amazonas, Brasilien FS 2022

- LC 6: Verhandlungen über den Amazonas, Brasilien FS 2021 (virtuell)

- LC 5: Verhandlungen über den Amazonas, Brasilien FS 2020 (virtuell)

- LC 2: Verhandlungen über den Amazonas, Brasilien FS 2019

- LC 1: Verhandlungen über den Amazonas, Brasilien FS 2018

- LC 8: Smart Cities und urbane Innovation in Santiago de Chile, SS 2022

- LC 4: Smart Cities und urbane Innovation in Santiago de Chile (virtuell), SS 2020