Curriculum Offer

Curriculum Offer at the University of St.Gallen

Latin American Affairs are embedded in several curriculum courses to stimulate students' interest in the region. The institute's director, Dr Vanessa Boanada, is an assistant professor for development studies at the School of Economics and Political Science. Furthermore, lecturers affiliated with our Institute organize Contextual Studies courses regularly.

Current Curriculum Courses (Fall Semester 2023)

HSG Courses in other semesters

This course focuses on the impacts of business on the environment and society through the lens of development and human rights studies. The course prepares graduate students in international affairs and business to discuss and incorporate human rights standards in the planning, execution, and evaluation of everyday corporate affairs practices. The conversations held in class also assist students in engaging with different perspectives from the community to the state level, from the NGO to the corporate multi‑national.

Social Ethnography could be defined as a the craft of carrying out social research about the daily lives of people/groups/entities by making use of different fieldwork techniques that, on the one hand, approximate or make sense of the strange/exotic/unknown and, on the other, distance or put into question the common‑place/familiar/known. The Spring Project ʺPracticing Social Ethnographyʺ gives students an introduction to seminal works in this field and highlights its applications for current research in the social sciences, organizational studies, public and international affairs.