Peter Maas

Peter Maas

Peter Maas

Prof. em. Dr.
Affiliate Professor of Management, with special focus on Service Management and Insurance Management
Office 53-108
Tannenstrasse 19
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses
  • Insurance as a second skin: Enabling prevention by advanced digital technologies
  • Reputation Risk: Opportunities and threats in the age of digital opinion making in
  • Business Model Innovation in insurance markets
  • Roles of InsurTechs in Financial Services markets
  • Customer Value as strategic management focus
  • Megatrends 2050: Consequences for individuals and markets
  • Powerful Interaction Points: Saying goodbye to the channel
  • Learning from the Best: Cross-industry comparison of Customer Value Management
  • Digital transformation in service industries und -markets
  • Sustainability and Insurance
Fields of research
  • Customer Value as strategic management focus
  • Customer journey and customer experience in FS markets
  • Mental models of customer orientation in top management
Further fields of research
  • Sharing intangibles
  • Behavioral data in insurance contexts
  • Megatrends 2050: Consequences for future markets
  • Powerful interaction points of the future: Saying goodbye to the channel
  • Learning from the best companies: Cross-industry benchmarking of customer value management
  • Leadership by customers
Education Banker
Professional Career

Senior Consultant at an international management consultancy
Managing Director of the Risk Dialogue Foundation, St. Gallen

Member of the Executive Board of the Institute of Insurance Economics

Teaching Activities

Customer Value in Financial Services and Insurance

Service Marketin

Capstone Project

Skills Seminar: Professional Effectiveness

PhD Seminar: Research Focus in Financial Services


Creating and managing ambidextrous organizations in Financial Services

Behavioral data in insurance: mobility, home & health

Nudging vs Boosting: Behavioral Interventions in Service Settings

2050 Megatrends, everyday life, future markets

Customer Journey in a multioptional society

Creating Customer Experience in Financial Services

Digital Transformation in Financial Services and Insurance

InsurTech: How start-ups challenge incumbents

Smart Data: How to read your customer

I-Society: Trends, values and individual behavior 



SMS Strategic Management Society

AMA American Marketing Association

AOM Academy of Management

AMS Academy of Marketing Science

Awards Best Paper Award 2008 in Journal für Betriebswirtschaft

Topics of recently given speeches:

Reputation Risk: Opportunities and threats in an age of digital opinion making

Insurance as asecond skin: Enabling technology driven prevention

Privacy calculus: Consumers' willingness to share personal information

2050: Megatrends, everyday life, future markets

How insurers think future

Young and wild: What is the logic and impact of Insuretechs?

Powerful interaction points: Saying goodbye to the channel

Industrialization of insurance in a digitalized world

Digital Challenge: How insurers react to changes in consumer behavior and technology push

Sustainability and Insurance

Multi-Access: Preferred interaction points with customers

Invent the future: How Mega-Trends are shaping the insurance industry

From P to C: Customer Value for Companies’ Long Term Success

What business are we really in: Market dynamics in Financial Services

Editorial Board

Guest Editor IJBM International Journal of Bank Marketing

Special Issue "Creating Customer Value in Insurance Markets" (2018) CfP

Journal of Creating Value Editorial Board

Research Cooperation

University of Groningen Privacy Paradox

IVEY Business School London / Ontario EMBA-FSI

Fordham University New York City IJBM

Vlerick Business School Gent Guest Professor

University of Tampere / Finland Future of Financial Services

Stockholm School of Economics /Sweden 

Hanken School of Economics /Finland Service Management

University of Jyväskylä / Finland

FernUniversity Hagen / Germany Leadership by customers

University of Cologne / Germany 

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