P.h.D. Programme in Management (PMA)


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"The Ph.D. gave me the chance to develop my main interests in research and to dive deep into them, and to learn the necessary skills and methods."

Dr. Barbara Seitz
Placement after PhD: Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School


PMA Specializations

PMA students can choose from four specialization areas: Accounting (currently 14% of PMA students), Business Innovation (35%), General Management (29%), and Marketing (22%). Each specialization offers a unique range of courses that provide both the necessary methodological background and in-depth expertise in the chosen specialization.

of PMA students would choose HSG again.

Doctoral Programme in Business Administration (Ph.D. in Management)

The doctoral programme in business administration (Ph.D. in Management, PMA) is the largest doctoral programme in Europe with currently 277 doctoral students (as of spring semester 2022). Within the programme, students can choose one of four specializations. The PMA is an internationally oriented programme in the field of business administration and prepares graduates for an academic career as well as for an applied research position in global operating companies. The doctoral programme in business administration (PMA) is offered in English.


"The Ph.D. has proven to be an invaluable experience. In particular, the unique flexibility to combine theory and practice-oriented research spanning various management disciplines stand out. "

Dr. Felix Thielemann
Placement after PhD: Consultant, Roland Berger


International orientation

The programme is characterized by its strong international orientation. There are many opportunities for doctoral students to spend part of the programme abroad. Many doctoral students decide to stay with a foreign university as part of their research, this can be financially supported by the HSG's mobility program (Mobi.Doc).

Tami Dinh

Prof. Dr. Tami Dinh

Full Professor of Accounting
PMA Academic Director


Prof. Dr. Arthur Stenzel

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Taxation
PMA Executive Director



For any questions regarding the content and the structure of the Ph.D. Programme in Management please contact: pma@unisg.ch
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